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A programmer developed a program and he would like it now on Shareware principle to the man/woman to bring. Usually is it like that that the programmer accommodates a few personal data of the buyer and hopes thus that this code/key file is not passed on. Like we however all do not know are it protection for it that Softwarepirates pass nevertheless the code/key files on, e.g.. at friends. Now however if the 'Owner.Data' is on the system, the softwareauthor can insert a small routine also, which tests and omitted this file. Since this file is very simply structured, can be manufactured by each Amiga user. Now, surely it gives some, which think that this file can be further-copied nevertheless everywhere and thus a protection of programs or. before robbery copiers is not guaranteed. Now, is not correct so completely. Because, fact is that, if each programmer, each software developer or whatever provides, its programs with this type of Personalifizierung, a Softwarepirat must have finally enormous amounts of this Owner.Data's and each particular for each individual program and copies.


- A user uses IsdnMon.

- He manufactured himself his Owner.Data

- IsdnMon is started, looks after whether Owner.Data is there.

- If no, info. is output and IsdnMon is terminated again.

- If yes, IsdnMon opens the Owner.Data, omitted the necessary data for the key file. Compares and starts completely with agreement of the data.

An other stolen Owner.Data is present that e.g. by the user/buyer of SerTrans, IsdnMon will not any longer run.

Sure, someone could create now for each programstart a Scriptfile, which copied the respective Owner.Data for each program. But 1st that is quite pedantic and for some DAU's not reasonable and 2nd it could also be that times or other program tests "occasionally" times whether the Owner.Data also still the same is, as those, which was available with the program start still.

Basic structure:

- All data are indicated in one line!

- with blanks the stringer must be indicated in stating lines

- the individual parameters must be separated by comma together

- the parameters to become as ReadArgs() selected.


/K means: Keyword, i.e. parameter name (e.g. FIRSTNAME) MUST be indicated as!

/A means: Always, i.e.. Parameter, MUST be indicated!


Paul Mustermann, lives in the Samplestreet 123 in 12345 Samplehome. The Land of the Federal Republic is Bavaria and the state is called Germany. Its telephone number is 09876-54321 and its fax number is 9876-12345. Its E-Mail address is muster@t-offline.old. IMPORTANT!!! You have to insert the owners name of computer. Otherwise it would make no sense, if you have to use only the software of the one and only programmer :-)

His Owner.Data then would in such a way look look like this:

FirstName=Paul LastName=Mustermann Street="Samplestreet 123" City=Samplehome ZipCode=12345 Country=Bayern State=Germany Phone=09876-54321 Fax=09876-12345 e-Mail=muster@t-offline.old

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