Version 4.0

Are you tired about the Outfit of StateMon??? Do you want a MUI-Version? Then is IsdnMon the correct thing for you! IsdnMon is fully Mouseconfigurable, needs MUI 3.3+ and looks much better than other crap. Click here to see some ScreenShots of IsdnMon and its possibilites.

Note: V3.0 and up, does not support any longer the bscisdn.device. The reason is, it is extremely buggy and no support is anymore to except. I do not want to spend more time to something, what is useless and is not supported anymore. Anyway, if you still want to use IsdnMon, please use IsdnMon V2.1 instead. Thank you!

If you need help then contact the author. Befor you contact the Author, please consult the FAQ first. It could be someone had already the same question.

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