Version 2.1

This Programm opens a Window on your Workbench (or any other Screen as entered in MUI). On this Window you can see all ports from 0 to 19. The Ports have little lamps and any lamp will be green, when the port is aktiv otherwise they're black (off). If the lamp is red, an user has entered the port. You can also activate a SysopLoginGadget which will appear at the bottom of the Window. With this Gadget you do not have to open first the Server, than the Port and then to do any thing else. Portwatcher will do all this for you. It needs MUI 3.3+, the Lamp.MCC and a completly installed Prometheus-BBS.

If you need help then contact the author. Befor you contact the Author, please consult the FAQ first. It could be that someone has already had the same question.




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