Version 2.0

SerTrans was developed for People they won't install a fully BBS-Program (or to install a fully BBS Program ;)) and to exchange Software via Modem. Normaly they're exchanging their software via normal TerminalProgram but at first normalwise they can't read what the otherone's typing and also there is no access to the Shell/Dos. This access to the "DOS-Shell" is password protected.So you can access a full Shell to get Software i.e. from a CD-Rom or special Data from a friends harddisk. Why don't install a full BBS-Programm instead?? Well... who wants to install a full BBS-Program only to exchange fast and quickly software and who wants to pay for those reasons much money??? SerTrans is so easy and so cheap! There is only one ConfigEditor and the MainProgram. That's all! You don't need to install areas or edit Users... If you want to use SerTrans as full BBS-Program you can code your needed Modules yourself or watch out for BBS-Modules for SerTrans...

In Version 2.0 the Interface is build in MUI and the Config-Editor has been completly rewritten. Click here to see some ScreenShots of the new ConfigEditor or the MainWindow of SerTrans

If you need help then contact the author. Befor you contact the Author, please consult the FAQ first. It could be that someone has already had the same question.

  • Mainfeatures are:
  • Connectable to Internet via Telnetd.Device!!
  • The worst Doc ever! Please be patient. ;)
  • ArexxPort
  • DosShell like KingCon (Original KingCon Copyright by David Larsson)
  • External ProgramInterface)
  • Localized
  • NullModem support
  • Very good replacement for SystemLevels in BBS Programs (i.e. Pmbs, Ambos, etc...)
  • SinglePort or MultiPort
  • Every Commands are switchable and protectable with Password
  • Interface for external Programs (i.e. to build your own BBS- Program!!!)
  • Use as FrontDoor for other BBS-Programs thru multiplepasswords
  • Packerhandling
  • Useable as controlunit
  • Uses MUI V3.3+

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